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You're past the aeroplane noises and your baby is starting to feed themselves...

It can be a messy time, with no limits to the distance that food can spread and, no doubt, countless loads of washing as their clothes end up covered in it... Luckily we've invented Clevabibs!

Clevabib is a full front, full sleeve bib with a difference. Unlike others on the market, Clevabib not only gives your littlies protection from food going all over their front, the clever suction cups stick onto the highchair or table, meaning they no longer end up with mess in their laps either.

Available in two sizes and designed for children 10 - 36 months of age, the Clevabib is hugely versatile with a waterproof back and soft fluffy front, it is both practical and comfortable. The removable plastic suction cups means it can easily be put through the washing machine also.

As the exclusive seller of Clevabibs, we're offering FREE POSTAGE & PACKAGING on any Clevabib orders within New Zealand and are happy to arrange international shipping too. Get yours today!

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