An innovative long sleeved bib for babies

  • First of its kind
  • A "full front" babies bib
  • Designed by a parent!

It's one thing to want to applaud your child's step towards independence as they start to feed themselves, however quite another to have to deal with the huge piles of laundry that can pile up as a result.

Introducing Clevabib, an innovative new bib that means you can encourage your child's self-feeding, without their wardobe paying the price.

A first of its kind, the Clevabib takes the 'full front bib' concept even further, providing not only full cover on their front and long, elastic bound sleeves but also cleverly placed suction cups that can stick onto the table or highchair and protect your child's lap from food mess. That's right, the infamous gap between table and mouth where everything seems to end up, will no longer be an issue.

Because the Clevabib has been designed by a parent, ease of use has been kept front of mind. We understand that you have a moving target to try and get this onto, so the Clevabib fastens with one easy, pop dome fastener at the back and has elasticated wrists to keep the sleeves in place. It's comfortable and unrestrictive, moving how your child moves, so that clothing remains protected.

The multi-use Clevabib isn't just for feeding time either - it's ideal for arts and craft time, like painting or play doh, or any kind of messy play. 

It's easy and effective... no messin' around!