How is the Clevabib different from other bibs?

The Clevabib is a 'full front bib' meaning that it provides maximum cover on both the front of the body and arms of your child, protecting any clothing they are wearing from food or mess created as they play.


How is the Clevabib different from other full-front bibs?

A first of its kind, the Clevabib is a full coverall bib that not only protects the front and arms of your child's clothing, but the cleverly positioned suction cups can be stuck onto the table or highchair, protecting your child's lap from any falling food mess.


Is the Clevabib waterproof?

The sleeves and back side of the front of the Clevabib are made from waterproof nylon to provide maximum protection for clothing underneath.


Is the Clevabib machine washable?

The Clevabib is 100% machine washable and dries quickly on the line or in a tumble dryer, ready for re-use. We recommend a 'cool' wash cycle - 40 degrees maximum.


Do the Clevabibs suction cups come off?

The suction cups pop out easily when you want to wash the Clevabib. With 4 suction cups that can be positioned towards the front or back there is maximum versatility, no matter how or where you are using your Clevabib.


What ages is the Clevabib suitable for?

The Clevabib offers flexibility in terms of sizing and should fit children between 14 - 24 months of age.


How much are the shipping costs?

Free shipping!

We offer free postage & packaging on all orders within New Zealand! We are happy to arrange shipping internationally so contact us for any overseas orders too!